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Noble Cause(2012) Illustration: © Richard Hescox 2010 Cosmopedia: The Jason Cosmo Universe


Dear Loyal Reader,


The Cosmopedia details the people, places, things, creatures and events of the Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series.  I use the Cosmopedia myself as a working notebook and reference when I'm writing the next Jason Cosmo tale. You can find here background information that goes beyond what is found in the books and stories themselves. You might also find clue to future stories! If there is a particular topic you'd like to see an entry on, please let me know and I'll try to flesh that out. The Cosmopedia is by no means complete or comprehensive. I update it in my spare time, or as ideas occur to me. Enjoy!


Best regards,


Dan McGirt


Coming next: Boltblaster


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HERO WANTED paperback


Jason Cosmo novella RAINY DAZE


JASON COSMO ebook      ROYAL CHAOS ebook      DIRTY WORK ebook


JASON COSMO-ROYAL CHAOS-DIRTY WORK Omnibus ebook -- Three books in one!


Our heroes!


Hero Wanted (2009) Illustration: © Richard Hescox 2009

Bring on the bad guys!



The Fantastic World of Arden!


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Here are the original edition covers of the Jason Cosmo books. Jason Cosmo (Signet 1989), Royal Chaos (Roc 1990) and Dirty Work (Roc 1993):




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